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Fluid Painting Artist


Around the end of 2011 I began experimenting with leftover food dye after making 1000 liters of cherry brandy jelly. I then had a brief time with holography and paper marbling. Having spent time paper marbling it was an easy progression to fluid painting. I loved the boldness of the colour and ease of the technique compared to paper marbling. I haven’t changed my basic fluid paint formula since the starting out. Recently however I’ve began playing around with making a oil based fluid paint from scratch. There’s a few technical difficulties to overcome but I’ll let you all know if I crack them.





Fluid Painting Artist


Elsa Duault is a French artist born in 1992 in Normandy. She grow up there before going to Paris for her studies in advertising. When she discovered her grand fathers paintings (more than 700 artworks), she started to paint and paint again.

Elsa found her road in fluid painting by many experimentations. She has exhibited her work in Paris and Rouen. She puts an accent on raw materials, movement and the relationship between fluid painting and our society in the 21st century. Reactions between paint substances and others paint substances is a passion for her. Elsa Duault works with acrylic on canvas and also oil on paper.

 She is currently writing an essay about it, soon available on e-book platforms. Elsa Duault is gathering « fluid painting » « spin painting » and other words which qualified this art in one appellation; « The New Dance », in french « La Nouvelle Danse ».  This name is taken from one of W.Kandinsky’s writing essay, announcing a « New Dance » in art in the future. Here we are.

We can see her works and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr. She also has a website :


Psyché – acrylic on canvas (46×38 cm)

Sunshining – oil on paper (30x24cm)





Web Developer


Bel helped me out with much of the setting up and PHP of this website.

Belinda picked up a Computer Science (Software Engineering) degree at the University of Adelaide. From there she fixed up Northern Territory Government computers in hospitals, police stations and indigenous communities.

She returned to Adelaide and went to work on Databases and Web Applications and now lends her talents to a neat little Web Design firm.

Belinda is also behind Bollis Web Development

Thanks Belinda

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